Reception, Gallery Talk and Photo Shoot: Jude Bond

Ferris Smooch by Jude Bond (silver gelatin print)“Yours Till Niagara Falls: Brides and Grooms and Honeymoons” by Jude Bond.

Silver Gelatin Prints and Niagara Falls Backdrop Photo Shoot

A photographic celebration of love, marriage, honeymoons, waterfalls, smooches, pools, geysers, rocks, rivers, caves, carnivals, and attractions – both tourist and otherwise.

Pose in front of Niagara Falls and have your photo become part of the show. Come as you are or dress up for the occasion. Ongoing photo shoot (have your picture taken in front of the falls).

Informal Gallery Talk at 5:15PM.

215 College Artists’ Cooperative Gallery
215 College Street, Second Floor
(802) 863-3662