Old North End & Waterfront: April 2012

If you start at North Winooski and Archibald and work your way down to Depot Street (across from Mermaid House) you have easy access on foot to all the art the Waterfront has to offer.

North End:

North End Studio A shows the work of freelance photographer Robin Katrick, who is based in the northeast U.S. and takes on projects around the world.  There are two public art displays worth checking out, too: Leslie Fry’s Mermaid House, on the corner of North Avenue and North Streets, and O.N.E.der Dome in the Hyde Street Triangle Park.


Art’s Alive Gallery at Union Station‘s show of photography by Rick Jasany continues through April 15. Down Lake Street at the Lake & College Building, Robert Waldo Brunelle, Jr.’s “The House in Chester” (image above) is a sampler of paintings and kinetic sculptures on themes that have obsessed Brunelle over the last 30 years at The Gallery at Main Street LandingThroughout the Lake & College Building there is art to see. Through April 4, The Cathedral Church of St. Paul will exhibit the “Stations of the Cross” drawings by the late Richard A. Clark in honor of Lent. Mark Boedges Fine Art Gallery is the gallery and studio of award-winning Vermont landscape artist Mark Boedges. Also, the CornerStone Building at 3 Main Street has art throughout its halls and you can glimpse Steve Larrabee’s Winged Monkeys on Union Station and the Lake and College Building. Walking up Battery Street, there are five groupings of marble sculptures that are intentionally placed as a way to view the sunset through the crevices carved in the stones. The work was created in 1974 by Paul Aschenbach and in collaboration with Bill Ford, Terry Dinan, John Watenberg, and Bob Vesely.