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Presenting art by students, artists-in-residence, faculty and invitees in a variety of exhibitions and settings during the school year.

Open Monday-Friday, 10AM-5PM.

375 Maple Street (Hauke Family Center, 2nd Floor)
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Art Map Burlington #30

2018 Juried Student Show

March 29-April 14, 2018

Campus-wide juried student show welcomes artists to submit their pieces in photography, graphic design, video, audio, sculpture, 3D model, and manual or digital illustration & painting for a chance to be exhibited in this yearʼs exhibition and win cash prizes. All submissions are due by March 5th.

Erik Esckilsen: Quality of Life: The Ralston Historical Museum

February 23-March 23, 2018

An installation by Erik Esckilsen designed to mimic a local history museum, featuring historical ephemera and artifacts from the fictional Vermont town of Ralston.

Embodied Voice: Video Narratives


Artist Reception: Friday, January 26, 5PM

“Embodied Voice: Video Narratives” is a retrospective of John R. Killacky’s video works. On view are three AIDS-related works from the 1990s, three disability-themed pieces from the 2000s and two recent video collaborations with Vermont artists Todd R. Lockwood and Art Bell. Please note: videos contain nudity.

Erik Esckilsen: “Ralston”

November 10-December 9, 2017

Artist Reception: Friday, November 10

Burlington author and transmedia artist Erik Esckilsen explores the quirky, fictional city of Ralston through an immersive augmented storytelling environment.

Stella Mars: Disco Deployment Unit

November 2-4, 2017

Artist Reception: Thursday, November 2

Inflatable room-sized silver dome complete with dance floor and disco ball accompanied by videos of 70’s disco music.

Viktoria Strecker: “Inversion”

October 11-November 4, 2017

Artist Reception: Thursday, October 26

Düsseldorf, Germany-based sculptor Viktoria Strecker fills the gallery with intricate, abstract filigreed sculpture over the course of her residency using a 3D pen.

Peace Paper Project & Gowri Savoor: Paper Lanterns

September 11-October 7, 2017

Artist Reception: Friday, September 15

A collaborative residency and workshops culminating in a monumental, illuminated sculpture created from handmade paper and bamboo.

H. Keith Wagner: Sculpture | Landscape

August 17-November 18, 2017

Outdoor exhibition featuring Burlington sculptor and landscape architect H. Keith Wagner’s oxidized, welded-steel spheres in Champlain’s Rozendaal Courtyard, which Wagner recently redesigned.

Robin Lloyd & Doreen Kraft: “Retrospective”

July 12-September 9, 2017

Early Vermont feminist filmmakers present Painted Buses of Haiti and other activist films from the 1970s.
Guest Curated by Margaret Coleman.

Galen Cheney: “Street Level”

April 13-June 12, 2017

Location: Freeman Hall 300

Vermont artist Galen Cheney draws inspiration from Arabic script and urban graffiti to create abstract paintings which are chaotic, vibrant and densely layered.

Game Studio: Senior Show

April 28-May 5, 2017

Reception: Friday, April 28.

Tenth annual exhibition of team projects by Game Studio graduating seniors created in a year long collaboration across four disciplines.

Creative Media: Capstone Show

April 20-25, 2017

Reception: Thursday, April 20.

Senior Creative Media students exhibit a diverse group of projects representing the culmination of their concentration.

Tim Brookes: Language Day

February 20-March 10, 2017

Wooden panels hand carved with endangered languages to coincide with International Mother Language Day, February 21.

Annual Juried Student Exhibition

March 30-April 15, 2017

Reception: Wednesday, April 5.

Second annual campus-wide juried art show showcasing top student work selected by a jury of visiting professionals and faculty members.

Tim Brookes: Language Day

February 20-March 10, 2017

Wooden panels hand carved with endangered languages to coincide with International Mother Language Day, February 21.

Michael Metz: Retrospective

February 16-March 25, 2017

Chronicling a forty-year photographic career of images captured around the world from architectural abstractions to urban street portraiture.

Sensorium: Virtual Reality Exhibition Series

February 1-March 10, 2017

A series exploring the potential of virtual reality as an creative medium including, narrative film, artist tools and data-visualization.

Frederick Ramallo: multisensorial shelter #1

January 28-February 11, 2017

Dreamlike and hypnotic interactive virtual landscapes surround the viewers in an immersive tactile environment. Music by David Kanaga.

Graphic Design Capstone Show

12/12/2016 to 12/31/2016

Opening reception: Monday, December 12.

Senior Graphic Design students exhibit a diverse group of projects representing the culmination of their concentration.


Joe Manley: “Plug/Unplug”

11/10/2016 to 12/10/2016

Opening reception: Thursday, November 10.
“Plug/Unplug” is Champlain game design professor Joe Manley’s ceramic wall sculptures brought to life by digital projection mapping.


Alumni Game Art, Design, Programming, and Production Show

11/3/2016 to 12/8/2016

Opening reception: Thursday, November 3.
Alumni Game Art, Design, Programming, and Production show featuring concept art, playable game media, panel discussions and workshops.


Gowri Savoor: “Peripheral Vision”

10/5/2016 to 11/5/2016

“Peripheral Vision” is a solo exhibition by Gowri Savoo, featuring work created as a result of a 15-week residency in the Champlain College MakerLab in the Spring of 2016. While exploring the boundary between between permanence and the ephemeral, Savoor has been experimenting with cutting-edge 3D-printer technology, color, form and layering, and has created a body of work that attempts to connect three different elements of her practice: rangoli, painting and sculpture.


“Sundae Month: Indie Punk”

9/22/2016 to 10/12/2016

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 22.
In the Art Gallery Lounge, “Indie Punk” features the work of indie video game studio Sundae Month, founded by recent Champlain Grads including Diary of a Space Port Janitor.


Faculty Show

9/8/2016 to 10/16/2016

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 15.
Annual survey of new, original, and innovative works from Champlain College’s art, design and core faculty members. (image by Emilie Lee)

Gravity by Eben Markowsky

9/8/2016 to 12/10/2016

In the Rozendell Courtyard, Gravity is a spectacular life-sized steel sculpture of a female Asian elephant inspired by the tragedy of the global ivory trade.


Todd R. Lockwood: “Portraiture Reimagined”

6/23/2016 to 9/3/2016

Todd R. Lockwood’s “Portraiture Reimagined” introduces Cinema Portraits, a convergence of portrait photography, cinema, and writing.

Senior Film Capstone

5/2 to 5/23/2016

CCM Hallways

MFA Thesis Show

5/9 to 5/23/2016

Opening reception: Monday, May 9, 5-7PM.

2016 Juried Student Exhibition

Juried Student Exhibition

Through 4/16/2016

Opening Reception: Thursday, April 7, 5-7PM
First annual campus-wide juried student art exhibition.

Landscapes: Geebo Church

3/3/2016 to 3/26/2016

Champlain professor Geebo Church’s alchemist-like pursuit of transcendence in visual perception through contemporary landscape painting. Opening reception: Thursday, March 3, 5-7PM


Flight Risk: Vagner Whitehead

3/24/2016 to 3/26/2016

Detroit-based Brazilian artist Vagner Whitehead explores trans-cultural experience using mass media images, illustrations, and multilingual texts. Opening reception: Wednesday, March 24, 5-7PM.