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Supporting innovative and experimental contemporary art in all media through exhibitions, events, projects, and residencies, the gallery is a catalyst for interdisciplinary collaboration and learning at the intersection of art and technology.

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Art Map Burlington #30

Juried Student Art Show

March 28-April 9, 2019

Artist Reception: Thursday, March 28, 4-7 with awards presented at 5.

The Juried Student Art Show presents work in photography, graphic design, video, audio, 3D model, sculpture, manual/digital painting and illustration selected after a campus-wide call to artists.

image: Marcy by Simeon Pol, winner of first prize in the 2018 Juried Student Art Show.

Submission: Scott André Campbell

February 14-28, 2019

“Submission” is by Burlington-based artist and designer, Scott André Campbell. This original work is a result of a month-long residency in the gallery that runs from January 21 to February 13, 2019.

Campbell’s large format, abstract mixed media work is in three parts that feature drawing, painting, collage, and stenciling. Serial in nature, “Submission” addresses multiple types of spatial exploration achieved through layering techniques with an emphasis on rhythm, repetition, and juxtaposition.

Opening reception: Thursday, February 14, 4-7PM

Inner Struggle Fought on Paper: Misoo Filan

October 29-November 30, 2018

“Inner Struggle Fought on Paper” is a continuing series of work by artist Misoo Filan. Through the use of Yupo paper, ink, and graphite, Filan creates deeply affecting art pieces that stem from her tragic life experiences and demonstrates a poignant, self-reflective manifestation of internal emotional conflict. Filan will hold residency in the Champlain College art gallery from October 29 to November 17, 2018. Her culminating work will be on view to the public November 16-30, 2018.

Opening reception: Friday, November 16, 5-7PM

Aggregate: Scott André Campbell

October 10-27, 2018

“Aggregate” is an exhibition featuring two-dimensional abstract mixed media created in the last 12 months by Burlington contemporary visual artist, Scott André Campbell. The artist’s aesthetic of balance and form, strong emphasis on graphic design, drawing and screen-printing is the result of an agglomerative process using line and geometric principles to evoke a sense of harmony within tension.

Artist reception: Thursday, October 11, 2018, 5-7PM

Folly: Jonathan Mikulak & Terrance Sehr

September 3-October 5, 2018

Folly is an audiovisual installation that explores how the perceptual process influences our understanding of ourselves. An indoor space is transformed into a responsive sensory experience that bathes visitors in waves of multicolored, undulating light and abstract sound. The space aims to deconstruct the boundary between inner and outer self. The experience symbolizes the materialization of (internal) metaphysical space into (external) physical space by creating a hypnotizing environment for the subconscious mind.

Artist reception: Thursday, September 6, 2018, 5-7PM

2018 Juried Student Show

March 29-April 14, 2018

Campus-wide juried student show welcomes artists to submit their pieces in photography, graphic design, video, audio, sculpture, 3D model, and manual or digital illustration & painting for a chance to be exhibited in this yearʼs exhibition and win cash prizes. All submissions are due by March 5th.

Erik Esckilsen: Quality of Life: The Ralston Historical Museum

February 23-March 23, 2018

An installation by Erik Esckilsen designed to mimic a local history museum, featuring historical ephemera and artifacts from the fictional Vermont town of Ralston.

Embodied Voice: Video Narratives


Artist Reception: Friday, January 26, 5PM

“Embodied Voice: Video Narratives” is a retrospective of John R. Killacky’s video works. On view are three AIDS-related works from the 1990s, three disability-themed pieces from the 2000s and two recent video collaborations with Vermont artists Todd R. Lockwood and Art Bell. Please note: videos contain nudity.

Erik Esckilsen: “Ralston”

November 10-December 9, 2017

Artist Reception: Friday, November 10

Burlington author and transmedia artist Erik Esckilsen explores the quirky, fictional city of Ralston through an immersive augmented storytelling environment.

Stella Mars: Disco Deployment Unit

November 2-4, 2017

Artist Reception: Thursday, November 2

Inflatable room-sized silver dome complete with dance floor and disco ball accompanied by videos of 70’s disco music.

Viktoria Strecker: “Inversion”

October 11-November 4, 2017

Artist Reception: Thursday, October 26

Düsseldorf, Germany-based sculptor Viktoria Strecker fills the gallery with intricate, abstract filigreed sculpture over the course of her residency using a 3D pen.

Peace Paper Project & Gowri Savoor: Paper Lanterns

September 11-October 7, 2017

Artist Reception: Friday, September 15

A collaborative residency and workshops culminating in a monumental, illuminated sculpture created from handmade paper and bamboo.

H. Keith Wagner: Sculpture | Landscape

August 17-November 18, 2017

Outdoor exhibition featuring Burlington sculptor and landscape architect H. Keith Wagner’s oxidized, welded-steel spheres in Champlain’s Rozendaal Courtyard, which Wagner recently redesigned.

Robin Lloyd & Doreen Kraft: “Retrospective”

July 12-September 9, 2017

Early Vermont feminist filmmakers present Painted Buses of Haiti and other activist films from the 1970s.
Guest Curated by Margaret Coleman.

Galen Cheney: “Street Level”

April 13-June 12, 2017

Location: Freeman Hall 300

Vermont artist Galen Cheney draws inspiration from Arabic script and urban graffiti to create abstract paintings which are chaotic, vibrant and densely layered.

Game Studio: Senior Show

April 28-May 5, 2017

Reception: Friday, April 28.

Tenth annual exhibition of team projects by Game Studio graduating seniors created in a year long collaboration across four disciplines.

Creative Media: Capstone Show

April 20-25, 2017

Reception: Thursday, April 20.

Senior Creative Media students exhibit a diverse group of projects representing the culmination of their concentration.

Tim Brookes: Language Day

February 20-March 10, 2017

Wooden panels hand carved with endangered languages to coincide with International Mother Language Day, February 21.

Annual Juried Student Exhibition

March 30-April 15, 2017

Reception: Wednesday, April 5.

Second annual campus-wide juried art show showcasing top student work selected by a jury of visiting professionals and faculty members.

Tim Brookes: Language Day

February 20-March 10, 2017

Wooden panels hand carved with endangered languages to coincide with International Mother Language Day, February 21.

Michael Metz: Retrospective

February 16-March 25, 2017

Chronicling a forty-year photographic career of images captured around the world from architectural abstractions to urban street portraiture.

Sensorium: Virtual Reality Exhibition Series

February 1-March 10, 2017

A series exploring the potential of virtual reality as an creative medium including, narrative film, artist tools and data-visualization.

Frederick Ramallo: multisensorial shelter #1

January 28-February 11, 2017

Dreamlike and hypnotic interactive virtual landscapes surround the viewers in an immersive tactile environment. Music by David Kanaga.

Graphic Design Capstone Show

12/12/2016 to 12/31/2016

Opening reception: Monday, December 12.

Senior Graphic Design students exhibit a diverse group of projects representing the culmination of their concentration.


Joe Manley: “Plug/Unplug”

11/10/2016 to 12/10/2016

Opening reception: Thursday, November 10.
“Plug/Unplug” is Champlain game design professor Joe Manley’s ceramic wall sculptures brought to life by digital projection mapping.


Alumni Game Art, Design, Programming, and Production Show

11/3/2016 to 12/8/2016

Opening reception: Thursday, November 3.
Alumni Game Art, Design, Programming, and Production show featuring concept art, playable game media, panel discussions and workshops.


Gowri Savoor: “Peripheral Vision”

10/5/2016 to 11/5/2016

“Peripheral Vision” is a solo exhibition by Gowri Savoo, featuring work created as a result of a 15-week residency in the Champlain College MakerLab in the Spring of 2016. While exploring the boundary between between permanence and the ephemeral, Savoor has been experimenting with cutting-edge 3D-printer technology, color, form and layering, and has created a body of work that attempts to connect three different elements of her practice: rangoli, painting and sculpture.


“Sundae Month: Indie Punk”

9/22/2016 to 10/12/2016

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 22.
In the Art Gallery Lounge, “Indie Punk” features the work of indie video game studio Sundae Month, founded by recent Champlain Grads including Diary of a Space Port Janitor.


Faculty Show

9/8/2016 to 10/16/2016

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 15.
Annual survey of new, original, and innovative works from Champlain College’s art, design and core faculty members. (image by Emilie Lee)

Gravity by Eben Markowsky

9/8/2016 to 12/10/2016

In the Rozendell Courtyard, Gravity is a spectacular life-sized steel sculpture of a female Asian elephant inspired by the tragedy of the global ivory trade.


Todd R. Lockwood: “Portraiture Reimagined”

6/23/2016 to 9/3/2016

Todd R. Lockwood’s “Portraiture Reimagined” introduces Cinema Portraits, a convergence of portrait photography, cinema, and writing.

Senior Film Capstone

5/2 to 5/23/2016

CCM Hallways

MFA Thesis Show

5/9 to 5/23/2016

Opening reception: Monday, May 9, 5-7PM.

2016 Juried Student Exhibition

Juried Student Exhibition

Through 4/16/2016

Opening Reception: Thursday, April 7, 5-7PM
First annual campus-wide juried student art exhibition.

Landscapes: Geebo Church

3/3/2016 to 3/26/2016

Champlain professor Geebo Church’s alchemist-like pursuit of transcendence in visual perception through contemporary landscape painting. Opening reception: Thursday, March 3, 5-7PM


Flight Risk: Vagner Whitehead

3/24/2016 to 3/26/2016

Detroit-based Brazilian artist Vagner Whitehead explores trans-cultural experience using mass media images, illustrations, and multilingual texts. Opening reception: Wednesday, March 24, 5-7PM.