Dudley H. Davis Center

Artwork is displayed on all four floors during the academic year: from student art to a variety of community exhibits. Receptions are held in the Livak Fireplace Lounge on the 4th Floor.

Hours vary by semesters.

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Seth Ginsberg: “Encore”

2/5 to 3/5/2018

Seth Ginsberg, a UVM Alum currently residing in Brooklyn, is showcasing his mesmerizing digital glitch art and photography.

7th UVM Alumni Art Exhibit

10/1 to 11/15/2017

Artist Reception: Saturday, October 7, 2:30-4:30 in Livak Fireplace Lounge (4th Floor)

The 7th Annual UVM Alumni Art Exhibit celebrates Homecoming and Family Weekend with artwork created by the University of Vermont’s eclectic and talented alums.

7th UVM Staff Art Exhibit

9/5 to 9/29/2016

Artist Reception: Tuesday, September 14, Noon-1PM in Livak Fireplace Lounge (4th Floor)

In honor of the University of Vermont’s Staff Appreciation Week, and in partnership with UVM Staff Council, this exhibit showcases the artwork of the multi-talented and wonderful staff that helps keep the University of Vermont running.

The Combination: Elliot Burg Photography

April 19-August 31, 2017

Artist Reception: Wednesday, April 19, 4-5PM in the Livak Fireplace Lounge, 4th Floor
Elliot Burg is a member of the Vermont-based “f/7” group of photographers and recently completed a solo show at the Kellogg-Hubbard Library in Montpelier of black-and-white photographs, “Sunset Park, Brooklyn”. This summer, images of senior track and field athletes from his collection “Transcending the Limits of Age” will be exhibited at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

“The Combination” presented the technical challenge of taking high-resolution photographs in the low-light, fast-moving setting of an indoor boxing match while at the same time composing the images in an artistic and compelling way.

Elliot lives in Middlesex with his wife, the artist August Burns. Feel free to contact him by email or by phone at (802) 272-4920, including for information on how to buy framed or unframed prints from this show. Visit Burg’s website HERE.

Senior Art Show

Opening May 6, 2017

Artist Reception: Wednesday, May 10, 2-3PM in the Livak Fireplace Lounge, 4th Floor
This show consists of final works and projects done by graduating UVM seniors. Works are put on display for families and visitors to view the hard work these senior artists have completed.

The Annual Juried Photo Show

March 29-April 15, 2017

Artist Reception: Wednesday, March 29, 3-4PM in the Livak Fireplace Lounge, 4th Floor
A submission based show welcoming UVM students, faculty, and alumni to submit their photography to be judged. Prizes are $100 to first place, $75 to second, and $50 to third.

Artist Showcase: Evan Burghard

March 23-April 15, 2017

Artist Reception: Thursday, March 23, 4:30-5:30 in the Scarlet Oak Lounge, 3rd Floor
UVM Alum Evan Burghard’s prints feature both woodcut, screenprint, and etching processes. His prints are studies of imaginary figures in relation to their slightly distorted environments. All work shown will be produced throughout a semester-long study in UVM’s printmaking studio.

The Freedom Exhibition

2/16 to 3/18/2017

“The Freedom Exhibition” honors Black History Month. UVM’s Davis Center Student Curators collaborated with Ivonne Headley, President of the Black Student Union, to bring together a number of submissions from the UVM community on “What does freedom mean to me?”

Children’s Art Show

2/16 to 3/12/2017

The Children’s Art Show is a showcase of the students ranging from 2-years-old to 3rd graders enrolled in UVM’s Campus Children’s School.


Seth Ginsberg

10/29 to 11/28/2016

Scarlet Oak Lounge, 3rd Floor
Seth Ginsberg, a UVM Alum currently residing in Brooklyn, is showcasing his mesmerizing digital glitch art and photography. (image: Beach Flirt)

Lynne Bond

10/30 to 11/28/2016

Livak Fireplace Lounge, 4th Floor
Lynne Bond is showcasing a body of prints produced last year in Jane Kent’s ‘Projects in Printmaking’ course. Lynne’s mono prints feature fibrous twists and figures that lend themselves to the associative pieces of the brain–engaging the viewer as an active participant in visually coming to understand the beauty as well as perplexity of interaction that occurs on each of her works.


6th Annual UVM Alumni Art Show

9/24 to 10/23/2016

Artist reception: Saturday, September 24, 2-3PM
UVM Alumni Art Show, featuring an artist showcase by alumna Jean Cherouny, in the Livak Fireplace Lounge on the 4th Floor. (image: Tenalach by Cameron Davis (60″x66″; 2015))

UVM Staff Art Show

8/29 to 9/21/2016

Artist Reception: Tuesday, September 13, Noon-1PM
Check out the works of those who support and keep UVM running.

UVM Senior Artists

4/27 to 5/24/2016

Artist reception: Friday, May 13, 5-7PM

Arts 003: Sculpture Class Show

4/25 to 5/4/2016

Work by this semester’s students in Shelley Warren’s sculpture class.

Annual Juried Photography Show

4/8 to 4/25/2016

This photography competition features submissions from photographers all over the Burlington area with a wide variety of subject matter, techniques, and styles. Prizes are awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. The jury is Bill McDowell (UVM), Stephen Chevalier (UVM Student), and Gary Hall. Artist reception: Wednesday, April 8, 6:30-8:30PM.


Artist Showcase: Kailey Rinder

4/10 to 5/1/2016

The work of Kailey Rinder in drawings, paintings, and prints. Rinder is a senior Studio Art major and Sociology minor at UVM. See the work in the Scarlet Oak Lounge on the 3rd Floor. (image above by Kailey Rinder)

UVM Senior Artists

4/27 to 5/24/2016

The Senior Art Show is an exhibit that provides an opportunity for seniors to showcase their work produced during their undergraduate studies at UVM and is a chance for seniors to gain exposure and recognition in the Davis Center.


Communication of Color

3/2/2016 to 3/28/2016

Silkscreen prints created by UVM students Paige Cherrington, Evan Burghard, Haley Crocker, Lorena Linero, Carly Kemp, and Julia Blasius. Artist reception: Monday, March 14, 5-7PM.